The Portobello…Sweets!


What are we about? We’re about Brooklyn short term rentals. Got a month off work for vacation and want to visit the Big Apple? Why go to a hotel? Inconvenience your family or friends with your presence for an entire month or longer? Have to go through the hassle of finding a sublet? Stay with us!

It’s quick and easy – click on one of the pictures right above. Surf our rooms. Neighborhood locations are right there so you know exactly where you’d be.

All our spots are fully furnished – with beds, dressers, desks, even linens. Everything you need is in the kitchen so you can chef it up in your home away from home. Throw down a meal for yourself or impress your new roomies with your skills. Internet is complimentary so you can even Skype with your family back home while you lounge.

Questions? Shoot us a message on the “Contact” tab or give us a ring.

You can even schedule a viewing with us so you can see the place in person.

Convenience at your fingertips. That’s our goal.

Have any suggestions on how we can improve? Share your thoughts, we’re open to them!